Succession's Brian Cox says Boris Johnson 'wouldn't know the truth if it fell on him'

Succession's Brian Cox says Boris Johnson 'wouldn't know the truth if it ...

Succession star Brian Cox is the latest figure to come out against Boris Johnson and slam him for being a “compulsive liar”.

Speaking on ITV's Peston show, Cox said the PM "wouldn't know the truth if it fell on him" in bruising comments.

"People have lost the plot," he said.

"We've lost the plot on so many levels and now, we have a compulsive liar who is actually leading the country, and that liar is tolerated.

“I find it extraordinary. I come back here and there is this man who... wouldn’t know the truth if it landed on him.”

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Cox has previously shown support for Labour and was speaking on the show about social mobility and the difficulty young actors face in trying to launch a career.

He compared today’s “out of hand” market to the 60s - when he rented a London flat for £3.50 a week.

But defending the prime minister, Tory MP Bob Seely said Johnson, has “many fine qualities.”

“He has occasionally skirted around issues in a way that he shouldn’t,” he said.

“I hope we get over this period and I hope he makes his apologies and I hope they mean something.

“I’ve found him to be just really intellectually engaged and a good person when I deal with him, so I’m going to stick up for him in that sense. I wish this wretched partygate hadn’t happened.”

In response to that masterful diplomacy, we'd imagine Cox's character, Logan Roy, might tell him to "f**k off".

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