Watch the moment Tory MP is confronted with 3 'desperate untruths' from party conference

Watch the moment Tory MP is confronted with 3 'desperate untruths' from party conference
'You're making up stuff': Tory minister Michelle Donelan grilled by Victoria Derbyshire

A Tory MP was confronted with some rather dubious claims her colleagues made at the Conservative Party conference and it was very awkward.

Victoria Derbyshire told Michelle Donelan that she had claimed the Tories were "the party of facts" then asked her to respond to a series of clips in which Tory MPs spouted anything but facts.

The first clip showed Rishi Sunak pledging to remove a supposed rule that makes people organise their rubbish into seven different bins.

The second showed Mark Harper talking about "sinister" local councils deciding how often people go to the shops.

And the third showed the infamous moment Claire Coutinho claimed Labour was prepared to put a tax on meat because Keir Starmer is a vegetarian. Yes, really.

"How can you be the party of facts when none of that is true?" Derbyshire asked.

"We are the party that stands up for facts," Donelan replied, before claiming a "lot of people" have called for a meat tax.

"I'm not going to let this go," Derbyshire interrupted and said all of the claims were "untruths".

"They are fiction, they are completely and utterly made up and it's really disrespectful to voters," she said.

"Is this how desperate the Conservative Party is now?" she added.

Donelan said the party was not "in desperation mode". Instead, she said it was in "delivery mode" and continued saying she had heard members of the Labour Party advocate for the policies despite Derbyshire fact checking her.

The Tories are having a terrible time of it. What a shame...

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