Eric Trump’s dream dinner guest is Jesus just so he could ask him questions about Biden

Eric Trump’s dream dinner guest is Jesus just so he could ask him questions about Biden
Eric Trump almost breaks down during Fox News interview
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Eric Trump said his dream dinner guest would be Jesus so he could ask him questions about president Joe Biden.

During a recent interview, Candace Owens asked him if he could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would he pick.

When he answered Jesus, Owens asked what questions he would have for him.

And what burning questions would one ask the second coming of Jesus Christ?

Sarcastic questions about Biden, obviously.

Answering Owens, Trump joked that he would ask Jesus: “Did you envision this happening to the United States of America? Did you ever envision a person as incompetent as Joe Biden running the United States of America? How in the world did this happen?”

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He continued: “Honestly I might ask him if this is actually a ploy to show people the difference between Republican leadership and Democratic leadership. Sometimes I think about that.”

Trump then went on to cite the apparent wins of the Trump administration, listing things such as the supposedly low unemployment rate and how “manufacturing was coming back to this country”.

Then he said, “this guy” comes in.

He then went on to blame Biden for high gas prices and inflation, “the loss of civil liberties”, “crime going through the roof”, and empty shelves.

Trump added: “You see this dichotomy between two people, and that stark contrast - does that actually help educate the United States? And I think it really might.”

He went on to claim that during the rallies ahead of the 2020 election, more people showed up for his speeches than Biden’s before going on to parrot the debunked claim that the election was “stolen”.

He said: “Listen, I’m a guy who believes the election was just absolutely stolen. I was out there every single day speaking in front of thousands of people five times a day as a guy who does not want the political mantle… and I’d be speaking half a mile away from Joe Biden who would have 30 people sitting in bubbles that he couldn’t fill… sitting in cars honking. He would have Bon Jovi up on stage and they would have 30 people.”

He then referred to himself as a “guy who wants nothing to do with politics who’s just representing somebody that they love tremendously”.

Hmm. We don’t want to assume, but we doubt Jesus would enjoy gossiping…

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