Jon Stewart has a new economic plan for the Tories: "Cocaine and quaaludes"

Jon Stewart has a new economic plan for the Tories: "Cocaine and quaaludes"
UK's Truss says govt will U-turn and raise corporation tax

Comedian and US television host Jon Stewart has potentially stumbled across a new economic plan for Liz Truss and the Conservatives but it might not be too popular with the rest of the UK.

Stewart made an appearance on The New Statesman's 'Westminster Reimagined' podcast which is hosted by Armando Iannucci and Anoosh Chakelian.

The 59-year-old who is best known for his stint on The Daily Show spoke about the current chaos that has entangled UK politics after prime minister Liz Truss sacked the now-former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng just 38 days after he look the job.

Truss made the decision in order to try and calm down the financial markets following the disastrous mini-budget that the government announced last month which saw the pound plummet and interest rates skyrocket.

The PM has now u-turned on the mini budget and appointed Jeremy Hunt as the chancellor, making him the fourth MP to hold that role in 2022.

Speaking about the chaos Stewart said: "I love the idea that you do opposite actions to get yourself a result. What you say is: 'let's raise interest rates to slow down the economy and then stimulate it with high and wealthy tax cuts."

Stewart then likened that to his time in college and the substances that he used to dabble with: I used to do that in college. You would take a quaalude and then think to yourself, 'why don't I mix that with cocaine? I'm sure it'll all come together.'

"Gimme a downer, gimme an upper...is that NyQuil...boom...let me throw that down. I don't know what the hell is going on."

Jon Stewart: Liz Truss economics is like "quaaludes and cocaine" | UK politics | New Statesmanwww.youtube.com

Stewart's joke had the hosts in hysterics with Iannucci quipping: "I think you've actually come up with our next economic plan anyway which is still to be announced and they are running out of options.

Stewart replied: "What a great slogan: 'Cocaine and quaaludes - Britain is back!"

Just a note: We cannot condone or encourage anyone to take the substances that Stewart mentioned in the clip, nor that combination.

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