Nadine Dorries says the only way Boris would lose her support is ...

Nadine Dorries has called on Keir Starmer to be honest but people aren't having it.

Posting on Twitter, the culture secretary shared the front page of the Daily Mail going on about Starmer having a beer while campaigning last year and wrote: "The man who wants to one day be prime minister cannot behave like this. He has a responsibility to be open, honest and transparent with the public. #Beergate."

Dorries was referencing controversy over whether Starmer broke lockdown rules in 2021 when he took a break from campaigning to have a takeaway and a drink. While some Tory MPs have said the incident is comparable to when Johnson was "ambushed with a cake" in his office and subsequently fined by the police, legal experts have pointed out the differences in the cases, and police have said it was all fine with them.

And regardless of Starmer's conduct, people thought her opinion was rather ironic, given Johnson has far more frequently been accused of misleading the public over a range of issues including Partygate.

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Must be nice having a friend that is this loyal.

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