Schumer calls for vote to codify same-sex marriage

A Republican lawmaker attended the wedding of his gay son - just days after voting against same-sex marriage.

Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson sparked controversy after attending the LGBTQ+ wedding just three days after he voted against a House bill that would codify federal protections for same-sex and interracial marriage.

Thompson’s son was wed on Friday (22 July) and confirmed to NBC News that he “married the love of [his] life” and that his “father was there”.

The attendance of the Republic Congressman was also confirmed by Thompson’s press secretary who said: “Congressman and Mrs. Thompson were thrilled to attend and celebrate their son’s marriage on Friday night as he began this new chapter in his life.”

Stone added that the couple is “very happy” to welcome their new son-in-law “into their family”.

In a vote on Tuesday 19 July, three days prior to his son’s wedding, Thompson and 157 of his Republican colleagues voted against the bill that would protect existing same-sex marriage protections

Responding to the news on Twitter, one person wrote: “Glenn Thompson. Republican. Pennsylvania. Attends gay son's wedding.

“Spokesperson says Thompson was 'thrilled'. Yet 3 days earlier he voted against federal protection for same-sex marriage. Can't make it up.”

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Another said: “I would have disinvited his bigoted a**. Without hypocrisy, these Republicans would have no ‘values’ at all.”

The bipartisan bill was proposed over fears sparked by the recent controversial move by Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, giving women the right to an abortion.

The Respect for Marriage Act is now being considered by the Senate and requires 10 Republican lawmakers to join all 50 Democrats in order to get the legislation onto President Joe Biden’s desk.

Five Republican senators have already made clear they will support the bill, including Rob Portman from Ohio.

In what was a dramatic shift, Portman went from trying to ban same-sex marriage to supporting it in 2013 after his son came out as gay two years prior.

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