Trump ridiculed after getting a basic piece of history about the US constitution completely wrong

Donald Trump’s poor grasp of US history has again been exposed after he attempted to weigh in over plans to move a statue of Thomas Jefferson in New York City.

A monument of the Founding Father and the United States’s third president currently stands in the City Council Chamber but it has been announced that it will be moved in the near future due to Jefferson’s history as a slaveowner.

Although it has not been revealed where the statue will be moved to, Trump couldn’t contain his rage at the thought of Jefferson being relocated and issued one of his now infamous statements on the issue.

Trump wrote: “Well, it’s finally happened. The late, great Thomas Jefferson, one of our most important Founding Fathers, and a principal writer of the Constitution of the United States, is being “evicted” from the magnificent New York City Council Chamber. Who would have ever thought it was possible (I did and called it long ago!).”

“ Next up, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and, of course, George Washington...The Radical Left has gone crazy, and it’s hurting our Country badly—But someday soon, sane people will be back, and our country will be respected again!”

In terms of statements, it is hardly as offensive as what he said about Colin Powell following the former secretary of state’s death on Monday, but Trump should have really gotten a history book out before he started typing away.

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While Jefferson is credited as a principal author of the Declaration of Independence, he didn’t actually write the constitution and he wasn’t even at the Constitutional Convention as he was in France at the time.

As always with Trump, people were more than happy to point out this rather embarrassing historical oversight, which could have been answered with a simple Google search, from the former US president.

This is hardly the first time that Trump has displayed a shockingly poor grasp of US history. Other incidents have included claiming Andrew Jackson, who was already dead, was really ‘angry’ about the Civil War and thinking that airports existed during the Revolutionary War.

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