Epic Twitter thread reveals how astronauts go to the toilet in outer space

Greg Evans
Tuesday 23 July 2019 15:30
Science and Tech
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Going into space must be great, right? Travelling on a big rocket, exploring the universe, seeing things that you couldn't dream, going where no one has gone before...

While the solar system might be awe-inspiring it doesn't stop normal everyday things from needing to happen. Such as going to sleep, eating and drinking and going to the toilet.

Of those three things, we think that going to the bathroom sounds like the hardest thing to do, especially in zero gravity and until now you probably didn't want to learn about how astronauts go to the bathroom.

That's why we should be thanking award-winning novelist Mary Robinette Kowal, whose research for her novel The Lady Astronaut of Mars required her to learn a thing or two about doing your business in space.

Following a publication of an essay in the New York Times she was inundated with questions about how women, in particular, go to the toilet in space, Kowal put together a viral Twitter thread that might just reveal too much information about space poo and wee.

As everyone is gaga for space following the 50-year celebrations of the Apollo 11 mission, Kowal's thread went down a treat.

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