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These are the 20 biggest tech 'icks' according to Gen Z

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How we use our devices to communicate with others differs from generation to generation, with Gen Z being more savvy when it comes to technology.

As the younger generations buck the trend, there are certain things that older generations do that they are not a fan of.

Often, Gen Z use the term "ick" to describe the second-hand embarrassment felt when someone does something cringey that is currently trending on TikTok with over 8 million views.

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Now, new research from musicMagpie has revealed the top phone “icks” for Gen Z and their Millennial counterparts, where 2,000 of adults aged 18-40 were surveyed.

From each generations’ messaging habits and social media use, right down to the accessories each age group chooses for their devices, here is what the findings are from the analysis.

Gen Z get the ick more

Gen Z are more likely to get the ick from other tech habits as 71 per cent of the younger generation feeling second-hand cringe from the way a friend, colleague or romantic partner uses their phone, compared to 59 per cent of Millennials who said the same.

There's nothing worse than a person playing music out loud on their phones in a public place, at least according to Gen Z as it was the age group's biggest tech related ick with a third (30 per cent) declaring to be the cringiest habit.

Not far behind was saving contacts under cringey nicknames (25 per cent), and using the loud speaker while talking on the phone in public (24 per cent).

Using a snap of yourself as your lock screen wallpaper is also a big no (24 percent), while never taking out your AirPods (21 percent), and having a grubby phone screen (21 per cent) were listed by Gen Z as icks too.

Here is the full list:

Icky tech habits according to Gen Z and MillennialsMusicMagpie

Top 20 messaging "icks" by generation

In addition, the analysis also reveals the messaging habits that will give Gen Z the ick when they encounter it from others.

At the top of the list of cringey things the younger generation feels when it comes to sending messages, is when the sender uses an unnecessary amount of ellipses…

Around 30 per cent of Gen Z said this habit gave them the ick, in comparison to only 8 per cent of Millennials who felt the same way about this habit.

Sending text messages in response to voice notes is another habit that irks Gen Z, with 29 per cent of the age group saying this gives them the ick.

Though Millennials aren't to fussed about this, with only 7 per cent of the age group saying the same.

Here is a full list of messaging icks:

Icky messaging habits according to Gen Z and Millennials MusicMagpie

“With so much of our communication being conducted by technology devices these days, it’s no wonder the ick has transcended the physical world and entered the digital world," Liam Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at musicMagpie said.

"It’s clear from the research that we have more than just a bit of brushing up to do on our tech manners and perhaps it’s time to put that phone down when we’re out on a date!"

He added: “Maybe some of us are also being a little bit oversensitive to the icks and hopefully the advice from James and Lyndsey can help us overcome the ick more often and not let small habits put you off a potential forever partner.”

Confronting someone to confess a personal ick and be a tricky task, but James Earl, relationship and psychosexual therapist has shared his advice on how to share this:

“In my experience, being open about an ick is probably the best way to deal with it," he said.

"Don’t forget that getting creeped out by stuff is your feeling, and the other person is not responsible for your icky response! Good luck"

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