This is why you've been seeing Nazi spam all over your timeline today

If you follow the Yorkshire brand Seabrooks crisps, you may have seen a slightly unusual tweet yesterday.

Embarrassingly, the hack also targeted Graham Cluley, one of the UK's most renowned computer security experts.

According to BBC's Marc Blank-Settle, the hack appears to be of, an analytics website that asks users to give permissions, such as posting tweets and account access, in return for analytical insight

It seems someone hacked this website and instructed a number of accounts who use the app to post a message:

As the Independent reports, the messages make reference to 16 April, the date of a Turkish referendum that, if passed, will amend the constitution to allow President Erdoğan to stay in power until 2029.

After gaining control back over his tweets, Cluley said:

Users are advised to revoke Twitter Counter's access to their account which you can do via your settings.

Stay safe!

HT Marc Blank-Settle

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