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With the 2020 election coming around quickly (if not quickly enough) many Democratic hopefuls are throwing their hat in the ring to try and oust out Trump.

Andrew Yang, whose relatively radical policies include universal basic income, gun control and healthcare for all, has found himself a perhaps unlikely backer in Elon Musk.

Musk tweeted on Saturday, “I support Yang” in response to Yang tweeting

I don’t expect people to agree with me on everything- that would be odd. My main hope is that people trust that I’m trying to solve problems and I’m open to different approaches - particularly if the data drives in a particular direction. Changing one’s mind is not a bad thing.”He would our first openly goth president. I think this is very important.

While many of Yang’s policies seem radical and the antithesis of Trump’s, he has outlined previously that his universal basic income policy would be funded by “consolidating some welfare programs” and creating a value-added tax of 10 per cent.

Yang is a pretty longshot candidate for president currently, but perhaps he’s got half a chance if the TESLA CEO’s backing goes beyond flippant tweets at any point in the future.

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