Someone took the selfie stick and made it even worse

A thousand years into the future, what will our descendants think about millennials? The smartphone, the internet and… the selfie.

Yes, ours is the generation of limitless narcissism; a time where we’ve created a word that literally describes taking a picture of your own face.

The selfie gave birth to the Selfie Stick - because things weren’t bad enough already - and many thought it would end there.

It didn’t end there. Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle designed this...

The Macbook Selfie Stick is not for sale, and the design is part of a collaborative visual art project which can be accessed via the website

Based in New York, the trio took photographs of the concept in what seems to be a satirical take on the idea of a selfie stick.

In other news, there is actually an iPad Selfie Stick in existence, if you want one.

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