SCOTUS decision on overturning Roe v. Wade continues to send shockwaves across ...

Stardust, a popular period tracker app is planning to implement end-to-end encryption in order to protect users from privacy issues regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Following the news that the Supreme Court have overturned Roe v. Wadeon Friday, many people flocked to Twitter to warn others about using period tracking apps that allow for data to be sold to third parties.

Some feared with new bans taking place in states with trigger laws, authorities or people may use data from the apps to find a person seeking an abortion and penalize them.

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Period tracking apps and other health apps do not have to adhere to HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act) as it is only designed for medical professionals.

In return, Stardust, an app that combines period tracking with cycles of the moon and astronomy, announced they would be implemented an end-to-end encryption to ensure user's privacy is kept completely safe.

In a TikTok video, the company said they've implemented an "encrypted wall between users personally identifiable information like your email, your phone, your Apple ID and what you actually do in the app like track your period or add symptoms."

Starting on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, when users sign up for Stardust they'll be given a unique encryption key that only the user will know. This key will tie the user's login to their period data.

However, the key will be completely private, not even the company will keep track or know it.

"If the government sends us a subpoena to access your data, we won't be able to produce anything for them because we don't have this key," the woman in the TikTok says.

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Starting this week the company's privacy policies will also be updated to fit their new encryption code feature as well.

In a Tweet the company also announced they would be working on an alternate option for people to use the app completely anonymously as well and opt-out of any identifiable information.

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