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The Sims fans are freaking out because the game finally has bunkbeds - 7 years after its initial release

The Sims fans are freaking out because the game finally has bunkbeds - 7 years after its initial release

Fans of The Sims franchise can finally look forward to bunk beds being added to the game after a 7-year wait.

Rumours of the addition began to circulate at the time of the gaming giant’s 21st birthday last month.

The update was confirmed yesterday via Twitter, where developers have promised fully functional bunk beds along with a host of other tweaks, such as improved textures and character traits.

Calls for the installation of bunk beds in the base game were a popular fan request for several years. It eventually turned into a source of growing frustration in the Sims community as developers at Maxis continued to release expansion packs totaling an extra £500 that did not implement some of their most-desired features.

One of the game’s designers teased the update with a pun-filled tweet.

Youtuber James Turner (aka TheSimSupply) is one of the franchise’s most popular online players. He said he was “curious” to see what this update would entail.

Most fans of the game welcomed the news with a similar level of curious optimism.

Though others are already on to the next big request.

Why are bunkbeds so important to fans of the game?

One of the The Sims’ pertinent criticisms has always been that, at base level, the fourth installment of the game failed to include objects and features that were commonplace in the versions that came before it.

This started with exclusions as simple as swimming pools and toddlers, which were not included in the original release of the game back in 2014, despite being considered essential to many gamers. Those two in particular took years to reintroduce into gameplay.

Upon reflection, fans have concluded that the initial launch of the game was “rushed”.

Bunk beds were added to the games predecessor, The Sims 3, as part of their Generations expansion pack. It made no sense for them not to feature somewhere along the line in The Sims 4.

Fans held out hope that the game’s Tiny Living expansion pack would be an opportune moment to feature bunk beds. They were told the feature had been considered but was deemed too “expensive” at the time.

The Sims 4’s latest update goes live at 5pm today.

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