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There is a better way to charge your iPhone

Picture: Blackzheep/iStock
Picture: Blackzheep/iStock

A technology company has laid to rest some myths regarding your iPhone battery.

If you own a generic Apple device, these three tips will help to extend the lifespan of that pesky battery. Battery University, made by Cadex, explains the ways to make a battery last longer, both in the short term and during the phone's lifespan.

1. Charge your phone in short bursts

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It's a misconception that charging your battery once it is down to 1 per cent and then letting it run to 100 per cent is the way to do it. In fact, charging your phone for a long time - such as while it's on the bedside table - may actually be damaging for the lithium battery.

As Battery University explains, batteries (like people) can experience stress when given lots to do over a period of time. This wears down the battery's staying power, meaning you have to charge it again ever sooner.

Charging your phone as and when you get a chance is much better than powering it up to full. You should always take a phone off charge when it's at 100 per cent.

2. Avoid charging to 100%

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Charging up to 100 per cent keeps your phone in a state of high tension and wears it down in the long run. This is because the high voltage stresses out the battery. Keeping your charge at a happy medium, and topping up when needed is much more beneficial.

3. Remove your phone case

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Some cases insulate heat in your phone, and this diminishes the effectiveness of the batteries. Removing your phone from its case, at least while you're charging it, will keep the batteries cool and prolong their life.

So there you have it, a way to make your iPhone life battery last long enough to make it to the next upgrade. I for one, welcome our new Apply overlords.

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