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Tinder is sending the couple who kept a joke going for three years on an incredible date


On Saturday, a Tinder user shared screen shots of a conversation he's been having with a 'match' for the past 36 months.

That's right. Three years of pithy back and forth conversation.

The pair from Ohio are still to meet up.

After an initial 'Sorry I missed this' exchange, the dialogue quickly turned into an amusing series of one-upmanships.

Once the story had been shared online it went quickly viral.

With so many consumers rooting for the matches, it wasn't long before a wily PR exec had the best idea.

Snapping into action on Monday, Tinder offered to send the couple to a city of their choosing for their first, actual, 'in real life' date.

Of course.

Joe Avsec replied.

Maui baby.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

​HT Buzzfeed

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