This is one way to get your friends to stop posting too many baby pictures on Facebook

Sick of your friends posting baby photo after baby photo on Facebook? Here's one - admittedly blunt - way to intervene.

This anonymous letter was sent to new mother Jade Ruthven, who shared it with Australian writer and comedian Em Rusciano. Rusciano then wrote a column about how it took "bitching to the next level".

It's worth reading the note in full as it's so entertainingly rude (although if you don't have time the highlight is "She crawls off the mat - we DON'T care!!!!! She's six months old - BIG DEAL!!!").

We've edited it to fix small grammatical errors and remove the name of Ruthven's daughter:

I have got together with a few of the girls and we are all SO OVER your running commentary of your life and every single thing [your daughter] does. Look we all have kids that we are besotted with - guess what - every parent thinks their kid if the best ever. But we don't ram it down everyone else's neck!!! She wears a new outfit - well take a photo and send it PRIVATELY to the person who gave it to her - not to everyone!!! She crawls off the mat - we DON'T care!!!!! She's six months old - BIG DEAL!!! Stop and think - if every mother posted all that crap about their kid - I'm sure you'd get over it pretty quickly.

We can't wait for you to get back to work - maybe you won't have time ot be on Faceboko quite so much.

[Your daughter] is gorgeous and we all love her, but our kids are great too. I guess you are just pissing a lot of people off with your "daughter this and daughter that" - we all thought it might ease off after the first month, but it hasn't. Not everyone is as interested as you are about what Addy does so give us all a break.

We're doing this to let you know what people really think.

Whoa. We have one question: haven't these people heard of the block button?

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