In five minutes, your phone screen is filled with 120 Whatsapp notifications – and you know they’re all of memes from the Uni Friends group.

Well, Whatsapp has finally come up with a way for you to categorise your messages and decide which ones pop up and which ones don’t, this is according to Android Police, who first found the feature on the beta version of the App.

Yes, that means you can keep your Tinder dates and mute your mum – if you so wish to.

Whatsapp will reportedly offer 10 new Notification Channel categories, and each one will have options you can control individually.

These are: Group Notifications, Message Notifications, Chat History Backup, Critical App Alerts, Failure Notifications, Media Playback, Uncategorised, Other Notifications, Sending Media, and Silent Notifications.

You can turn notifications for each category on or off, and mark them as Urgent (makes a sound and pops up on screen), High Priority (sound), Medium priority (no sound) or Low priority (no sound and doesn’t pop up on screen).

How can you access these categories?

Tap and hold the Whatsapp notification, select ‘All Categories’ and choose your option.

Though the feature is only currently available on the beta version of the app, if it succeeds, it may well be rolled out for us all.

So no more pesky notifications.

If you want to test new features, you can sign up to the beta version here.

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