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Why do people use social media? We have the answers

Why do people use social media? We have the answers

Despite there only being a few years between them, those aged 16-24 are likely to have slightly different motivations for using social media platforms than their older counterparts.

According to research in Deloitte's Media Consumer survey, the "propensity of younger age groups to use a social network is affected significantly by the intrusion of strangers or commercial organisations on to that website".

As this chart from Statista shows, those aged 16-24 are more likely to use social media to find out what friends are doing and to keep in touch.

Because of the previous point on intrusion, Deloitte reports that this trend has resulted in the younger generation shunning platforms like Facebook where the network of "friends" is larger, and are therefore migrating to other platforms like Snapchat where the network is more tightly knit instead.

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