Rapper 50 Cent might want to rethink his Instagram game.

The hip hop star and serial entrepreneur, AKA Curtis Jackson, may share his stage name with the frugality of a Sainsbury's customer spending campaign (sort of), but he's made some serious dollar over the course of his career.

Last year, however, he registered for bankruptcy. Then 40, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Connecticut court. Few knew where his fortune had gone.

50 Cent's case is ongoing. The judge handling it, Ann Nevins, has just ordered him back to court to explain a series of Instagram pictures that appear to suggest 50 Cent might not be quite as 'broke' as he previously declared.

In one of the more recent photographs, wads of cash can be seen in a fridge alongside some vodka, cheese slices, and what appears to be wafer thin ham. Maybe 50 isn't so different from Sainsbury's after all? The grocery connection is real, at least.

Here's the fridge in question. He really needs to take better care of his cheese. Anyway...

50 Cent seems to enjoy the idea of replacing food with money. Lovely.

And here are two other images that have caused 50 Cent some issues with the courts recently:

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