Adam Sandler Little Nicky 2 Netflix poster baffles fans

Adam Sandler Little Nicky 2 Netflix poster baffles fans
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A poster advertising Little Nicky 2 starring Adam Sandler on Netflix has baffled fans on Facebook.

A page called YODA BBY ABY posted what appears to be follow up to the 2000 film Little Nicky.

It's a film described on IMDb as 'after two of the devil's three sons escape Hell to wreak havoc on Earth, the devil must send his third son, the mild-mannered Nicky, to bring them back before it's too late'.

The poster shows a film called Little Nicky Hell Takes a Vacation being advertised, due for release in May on Netflix.

Its caption says: "Get ready to laugh till you're burning with Little Nicky Hell Takes a Vacation, coming to Netflix in May 2024.

"Adam Sandler reprises his role as the mischievous Little Nicky, now the Official Devil, who embarks on his first earthly vacation as Beelzebub, wreaking hilarious havoc in 2024 New York City.

"With a devilishly delightful blend of comedy and chaos, this sequel stays true to the original film while bringing a fresh twist to the underworld's favorite troublemaker."

It's got a lot of traction online, with 67k reactions, 54k shares and 16k comments at the time of writing.

A lot of people commenting on the post appear to be looking forward to the film coming out.

Comments include 'can't wait', 'hell yeah' and 'yes please'.

However others have correctly spotted it is a complete hoax - YODA BBY ABY posts fake film posters all the time; the page bio even says 'I'm just here to eat frogs, lift rocks and be satirical. The page is 100 percent satire and fake news.'

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