We are only a few days into 2020 and its safe to say that it is already the weirdest and most confusing year of the century.

We've almost seen World War III break out, Australia is on fire and no one seems to know what to do and a former home secretary is dressing up as a Pharaoh on live television to sing in front of a group of celebrities.

Yes, you read that last part correctly.

Former Labour MP Alan Johnson made a shocking appearance on the ITV show The Mask Singer where celebrities face off against each other while wearing elaborate outfits.

It is as bizarre as it sounds but nothing is ever likely to top Johnson's moment on the show which felt like a surreal fever dream also featuring Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross and Ken Jeong (the latter of which probably didn't know who Johnson was).

The entire scene is like something from a dystopian sci-fi film as crowds chant at a former cabinet member dressed as Egyptian royalty while Rita Ora looks on in amazement.

Nobody quite knew what was happening but it didn't fill many people with laughter. Just despair and doom.

At least Rita Ora appeared to be having a good time.

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