Baby Yoda is the meme that no one can get enough of but it would appear that fandom for the cute little alien can be taken too far.

A Star Wars fan named Brock McLaughlin, has shared a picture of a tattoo that he has recently had done on his leg of Baby Yoda.

However, this isn't any old picture of Baby Yoda. The little fella happens to be drinking from a can of White Claw alcoholic seltzer water, that has become a bit of a craze in the US.

McLaughlin who is either a huge Star Wars fan or a brilliant internet troll has since seen his tweet go viral, amassing more than 4000 retweets since Wednesday.

As you can imagine, people have been pretty horrified by what they have seen.

Luckily for McLaughlin, he isn't the only person with a Baby Yoda tattoo but most people went for a more conventional take on the character.

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