Even if you aren't watching the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian, you will be well aware of Baby Yoda, because, well, he's just so cute.

Pictures of the tiny little fella, with his big ears and big eyes, have been all over social media for weeks now but one image is now shot ahead in the race to become the best Baby Yoda meme.

That's right, our alien friend and Jedi master now has a tiny bowl which he sips soup from and it might have very well broken the internet.

Sure enough, Baby Yoda and his bowl is now unofficially the best meme on the planet. Don't blame us we don't make the rules.

Just to prove it, here are some of our favourites.

It can literally be applied to any situation.

It still works even if you don't know anything about Baby Yoda.

We hate to break it to you Kermit, but there is a new tea-drinking king in internet town.

All hail our cute little overlord.

HT BuzzFeed

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