Britney Spears’ boyfriend had the sweetest response when asked why he keeps wearing a mask on Instagram
Instagram / BritneySpears

We all know Britney Spears: the princess of pop and queen of saying “me” like “may”.

Miss American Dream since she was 17 herself.

Queen of having a prerogative.

But many of us don't know much about her boyfriend, 26 year-old personal trainer Sam Asghari.

Spears is known for her iconic behaviour on Instagram remember when she claimed she outran Usain Bolt (definitely happened) and when, during the peak of the coronavirus crisis, she used has platform to buy people things they needed (celebrities who sang ‘Imagine’, take note).

Well now it’s Ashgari’s turn to be raised for his good Instagram etiquette.

When someone asked him why he and Spears keep wearing masks in photos where it’s just the two of them outside, he responded in the sweetest way, saying:

There will be millions of people seeing these photos, so it's better to be a good influence

Here’s the exchange, which was spotted by Britney superfan @oneofthosefaces.

The current advice is to wear masks wherever possible, but it’s not necessary to wear them in your garden when with people within your household, for example. Though the pair were at (what looks like) a public beach in this photo, so it’s nice to see Britney’s man is taking his newfound platform seriously and being responsible. And anyway, what harm can it do to wear one?

Alexa, stream ‘Overprotected’!

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