A new Captain America meme is taking over the internet

So, you thought you'd seen all The Avengers memes?

First, there were the Hawkeye memes. Then there were the real upsetting ones, which basically gave away the end of Infinity War.

In fact, there are so many Avengers memes that Sebastian Stan, aka The Winter Soldier, can't even say the word.

Well, now a new Avengers-themed meme has emerged online. This time it features Captain America and his scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming,where Captain Rogers delivers a PSA.

All it features is Cap giving you an assured-looking and reminding you about the mistakes you have made in your life.

There are plenty of crossovers with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And other bits of popular culture.

Yet, our favourites have to be the crossovers with other memes.

We need a lie-down.

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