Right now, Avengers: Infinity War is making an extortionate amount of money at the box office around the world.

Every person who is a Marvel fan is guaranteed to have already seen it at least twice, but we really need to talk about that ending.

Basically, after the 'Mad Titan' Thanos manages to successfully collect all of the Infinity stones and snaps his fingers, half of the population of the entire universe dies.

This is thanks to Thanos' hair-brained scheme to restore balance to the universe, with the deaths taking place completely at random. No one is spared based on their status or profile and they merely turn to dust and float away in the breeze.

This includes some of our favourite heroes including Black Panther, Doctor Strange and all of the Guardians of the Galaxy, except Rocket.

The most heartbreaking of all has to be Spider-Man who perishes in the arms of his mentor Iron Man while uttering the words "I don't feel so good".

It's completely devastating and tragic, but the internet always manages to find ways to make even the bleakest of things funny.

Memes aplenty have been cropping up all over social media using the scene in various pop culture references - and they're all astounding.

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