Another year, another Eurovision.

The one-of-a-kind musical competition was exactly the antidote we needed to all the terrible news and snap elections.

Twitter was a hotbed of excitement in the hours running up to the contest's start, with the BBC's official account leading the charge.

Poland's entry apparently invaded the press area.

Brexit remained a hot topic, but was fortunately forgotten for three hours of pop, ballads and horse masks.

Australia made the long journey up from the southern hemisphere to join the party.

And then, we were off.


Russia were not taking part in this year's competition, something that the BBC's official account didn't shy away from.

The seating for the entries looked eerily familiar.

RuPaul fans were out in force. If you ain't gonna' love yourself at Eurovision, how in the hell are you going to love someone else?

The costumes remained under scrutiny.

The sax was strong with this one.

Yes, that is a man in a gorilla suit.

Can you spot the difference?

In fact, Simpsons memes were pretty common this year.

American Twitter was feeling slightly left out.

There were some strong and stable harmonies being put together this evening.

No one missed the possible message in the UK's entry this year.

When the yodelling began, Eurovision fatigue quickly enveloped many.

Germany's entry felt rather familiar.

In fact, a lot of aspects to this year's competition felt familiar...

You've got to respect the staging of Sweden's entry.

Ukraine's rock entry went down well.

Many people enjoyed the solo artists working their socks off.

People weren't too pleased with the host's efforts. But there were some funny moments for sure.

Australia's entry looked familiar to many.

There was a fairly strong theme this year.

The yodelling went down surprisingly well.

France made many of us realise how little French we remember from school.

The force is strong with this interval act.

Then.... Someone wearing what appeared to be an Australian flag flashed the entire world!

Twitter couldn't handle it.

Then, there was the moment Ireland didn't give us 12 points.

The points system was stressful.

And confusing.

But. Finally. We had our winner. Portugal.

And now. To bed!

I hope you had a fantastic Eurovision.

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