This Game of Thrones theme song parody is spot on

The Warp Zone screengrab

Whether or not you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll have almost certainly come across some kind of GoT post/tweet/Facebook post/video relating to the show.

After all, the eighth and final season, comprising of six hour-and-a-half long episodes, has returned to our TV screens.

The ever present question remains: Who will win the Iron Throne?

Well, this is where the funny team over at The Warp Zone comes in.

They created a YouTube video called, If the "Game of Thrones" Song Had Lyrics.

Yes that’s right.

With a few, out-of-context spoilers (so those late to the party can still watch the song with their innocence relatively intact) the song makes a strong argument for the White Walkers to ultimately win the Game of Thrones.

The song begins: "Welcome to a land called Westeros; Land of scenic vistas, lofty castles, lots of murdering."

They continue: “Where the one per cent play the Game of Thrones. Humans from all corners are at war… wolf folk, dragon mama, smooching siblings, and some d**kless dudes”.


Their eerily accurate commentary extended to who they think ought to take the throne:

Seems their main objective isn’t killing but converting and you might say they’re ‘adopting’ twonies babies and a dragon into their inclusive family that does everything together and it feels like everybody’s super chilled with this arrangement.

How can incest-having-children-killing-perverts have good polices?

They concluded:

Root for team White Walker, bro.

You can watch the entire clip, below:

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