Here’s who will be brutally slaughtered on Game of Thrones, according to AI

Here’s who will be brutally slaughtered on Game of Thrones, according to AI

As GoT returns for its final season, a group of German students are trying to predict who lives and dies using a specially created algorithm.

Possible Spoiler Alert

It feels like we’ve been speculating on who will survive the end of Game of Thrones since the dawn of time but with the show now settling into its eighth and final season we don't have much longer to wait.

However one group of fans, who also happen to be incredibly smart (and impatient) computer science students at the Technical University of Munich, don't want to wait until the final episode.

Using data from the show, books and the great and brilliant internet, the students created an algorithm that hopes to predict who will be left standing when GoT reaches its finale.

The AI programme uses numerous variables to determine the likelihood of survival.

Factors considered are: house, lovers, marriage, titles, major/minor character and gender.

It then also crosses this with other traits such as popularity, gender, page rank (on Wikipedia), number of relatives and successors, age, allegiances and culture.

One disturbing discovery that’s already been made is the potential fate of the Stark house.

Yup, we’ve got bad news everyone, it turns out that our beloved Starks are in fact considerably more likely to die than their Lannister rivals.

So how do the rest of your favourites stack up?

The 5 characters most likely to survive in Game of Thrones

1. Daenery’s Targaryen

2. Tyrion Lannister

3. Varys

4. Samwell Tarly

5. Jamie Lannister

And the ones that are going to be brutally wrenched from our lives in a possibly incredibly violent manner?

The five characters most likely to die in Game of Thrones

1. Bronn (a worrying 93.5% chance of death...)

2. Gregor Clegane

3. Sansa Stark

4. Bran Stark

5. Sandor Clegane

Say it aint so, Bron!

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