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One of the worst things about a diet, apart from the salads and lack of chips, is other people's judgements about your progress.

Whether it's your mum, boyfriend or Jenny in accounting - it's never fun being reminded how much time it's taking to achieve your goals.

When you’re a celebrity though, diets apparently come with no privacy whatsoever.

Or a shred of dignity.

Hollywood producers allegedly went to extreme lengths to ensure Gemma Arterton lost weight for films.

She told The Guilty Feminist podcast in June that a personal trainer was once flown in to help her lose weight on a film set, when she was 21.

There was one film that I was on and we were out in Morocco and a couple of weeks went past and they literally were like 'We need a personal trainer - stat.'

They flew someone out overnight that gave up their whole life to be with me and be my personal trainer.

You know when it’s like: Is it that f****** bad that I need an emergency?

It was so traumatic at the time.

She went on to say that producers allegedly asked her trainer to film her in the gym to prove she was working out.

They’d measure me and they’d call up the personal trainer at like nine and night going: 'Is she in the gym? And if she isn’t, why isn’t she in the gym?' And then they’d get me in the gym and film me in the gym and they’d have to know that I was there.

And there was one day when I went to get some snacks, they have like snacks on set, and I went to get some apricots, some dried apricots. And the man went, this big, fat, obese producer went: 'I hope you’re not going to eat that.'

And I went: ‘Do you know what, I’m going to eat it, probably about 20, then I’m going to go home and I’m going to eat all of the stuff in the minibar then I’M going to vomit it up.

I was so angry. I was only joking, of course – I was eating a bloody apricot.

Turns out there is one thing worse than swapping burger for green juice.

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