This Handmaid's Tale wedding photo has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

This Handmaid's Tale wedding photo has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

A couple has gone viral after staging a Handmaid's Tale themed wedding photograph as you can probably guess people are pointing out the obvious problems.

The picture depicts the bride and groom kissing flanked by their bridesmaids who are dressed as handmaids in front of the wall used to display the corpses of dissenters in the dystopian television series.

People were a little confused as to why any couple would recreate the horrors of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian nightmare on their special day but the photographers have defended their decision, telling TIME:

Everyone loves a good witch-hunt. Apparently today we are their witch.

They went on to say the couple had been forced to remove the picture from social media after it went viral for all the wrong reasons

They’re being harassed, which is an absolute shame.

The husband and wife photographers, Shawn Van Daele and Clint Russell, are adamant they only ever had good intentions, despite deleting the photos following the criticism.

The photographers added:

The image and entire show touches on the oppression faced by the gay community, women, and many other minority groups. It’s deeply personal, and a shame people are attacking without first learning.

Regardless the images have since made their way online and people have a lot of questions.

Still, perhaps they would have been better off doing without the picture, even if the couple are massive fans of the show.

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