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Say what you want about Harry Styles but people still clearly love him and would trust him with their lives.

Perhaps the biggest example of the dedication that his fans show towards him came at his concert in San Jose, Texas on Wednesday.

The show was the third from the last of his global tour and although he admitted that he was "emotional" following England's loss in the World Cup semi-final he still gave those in attendance a night to remember.

Two moments in the show, in particular, stood out as an incredible commitment to his fans and their loyalty.

Videos posted on Twitter show the former One Direction star reading a sign from a girl in the audience. The sign reportedly read:

I'm gonna come out to my parents because of you.

Harry then leaned into the audience to ask the girl what her mother's name is. When he learned what it was he announced:

Tina, she's gay.

Another touching moment came during an interaction with a pregnant fan.

The gender of the baby was yet to be revealed and Harry decided this was a good opportunity to play midwife and predicted the child would be a boy.

This isn't the first time on this tour that Styles has taken an interest in a fan's pregnancy.

At a concert in Philadelphia, the 24-year-old decided to name a fan's unborn baby Penelope.

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