Jennifer Lawrence invites Joanna Lumley to ‘punch’ her in the face

Jennifer Lawrence invites Joanna Lumley to ‘punch’ her in the face

Jennifer Lawrence has given Joanna Lumley a free pass to get her revenge after making what many interpreted as a dig at her during the Baftas.

In short, the veteran actress can “punch” Lawrence in the face.

Lawrence had been branded "rude" and "disrespectful" for a flippant comment she made during the award ceremony. But calm down guys, it was an “inside joke” - as Lawrence revealed during an interview with Lorraine.

She said:

I love Joanna Lumley. When I saw her backstage I was like ‘oh my god’ and I grabbed her right before she went on stage and I was like ‘just go on and on and on about me – you know, obviously kidding – so then she went and gave me the nicest introduction ever, and so as a joke, I was like ‘calm down’ because I was the one that told her to do it.

Boy did that go wrong.

I was at the Baftas for 15 minutes and I offended England.

After she found out that England was angry with her, she quickly contacted Lumely.

I emailed her and I was like ‘I’m so, so sorry. If you want to come over to my hotel and punch me in the face – please.'

Lumley however, told Lawrence she had "absolutely no idea" what she was talking about, as she did not go on the internet.

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