Jennifer Lawrence sets the record straight about that photo with her male co-stars

Jennifer Lawrence has called the recent questioning of her choice to wear a revealing dress in the cold "sexist".

The actress was in London with her Red Sparrow co-stars answering a photocall, indy100 reported earlier today.

Her male co-stars, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, Matthias Schoenaerts and director Francis Lawrence were all dressed up warm as they stood outside in the cold.

Lawrence wore a black Versace dress with a slit on the side, and many people pointed out what they deemed to a be sexist dynamic – Lawrence was dressed in very little, but her co-stars could dress in layers.

Well, Jennifer Lawrence, with her standard mix of candidness and wit, has set the record straight.

She wrote on her Facebook:

Wow. I don't really know where to get started on this "Jennifer Lawrence wearing a revealing dress in the cold" controversy. This is not only utterly ridiculous, I am extremely offended.

That Versace dress was fabulous, you think I'm going to cover that gorgeous dress up with a coat and a scarf? I was outside for 5 minutes. I would have stood in the snow for that dress because I love fashion and that was my choice.

This is sexist, this is ridiculous, this is not feminism. Over- reacting about everything someone says or does, creating controversy over silly innocuous things such as what I choose to wear or not wear, is not moving us forward. It's creating silly distractions from real issues.

Get a grip people. Everything you see me wear is my choice. And if I want to be cold THATS MY CHOICE TOO!

So there you go, that's that.

Picture:Picture: John Phillips/Getty 

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