Loki director has perfect response to misogynist troll who accused her of ruining Marvel character

Marvel’s Loki might have concluded its first season and set up the next major antagonist in the MCU but some fans clearly aren’t happy with how things played out.

The show, which saw the God of Mischief attempting to topple the Time Variance Authority and discover who was behind the institution, was mostly well-received by Marvel fanatics but one person wasn’t happy and decided to troll its director Kate Herron.

On Tuesday, Herron shared a screenshot of a tweet she had been sent from an account that had a picture of Ludwig van Beethoven as its avatar and whose name had been censored who wrote: “Thanks for ruining Loki you fat skank.”

It’s not obvious why this person felt that Herron had ruined the character but the director took it in her stride and effortlessly fired back with “Hot fat and available to tank your major franchises.”

Many fans applauded her clap back and expressed sympathy for her amid the backlash from some fans.

James Gunn, the director of comic book movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, who has previously spoke out against death threats that he has been receiving from rabid fans, simply responded with: “Jesus.”

Voice actor Tara Strong, who voiced Miss Minutes in Loki, was also unimpressed with the trolling that Herron had been receiving.

Although Loki was criticised for having a slower pace than what most MCU fans are used to, and also criticised its over-reliance on exposition in its final episode, Disney has commissioned a season 2 for the show. However, Herron has confirmed that she will not be returning to direct.

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