The eagerly awaited second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Homelanded online on Wednesday and gave fans another tantalising glimpse at what’s going on in this movie that features characters from multiple Spider-Man films.

As is the trend with many major blockbusters these days, a number of hashtags were created to allow fans to connect with each other and celebrate their favourite characters.

One character who was treated to one of these hashtags is the villain Doctor Octopus, with Alfred Molina reprising the role that he first played in Spider-Man 2 opposite Tobey Maguire way back in 2004.

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Back then, Twitter was still just a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye so PR firms didn’t have to worry about things like hashtags. 16 years later, though, the potential to have a Doctor Octopus hashtag is too good to pass up, until you realise that using the characters nickname of ‘Doc Ock’ doesn’t lend itself very well to a hashtag.

Yes, unfortunately, the MCU now has a very crude and NSFW hashtag associated to one of its biggest films ever and naturally, the internet being the internet, people cannot get enough of it.

This is giving us chilling flashbacks to #susanalbumparty. Remember folks, use your hashtags wisely and make sure they don’t include any innuendos.

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