Mr Blobby was interviewed on BBC News and it was absolute anarchy

Mr Blobby was interviewed on BBC News and it was absolute anarchy

Of all the things that happened in 2021, Mr Blobby making a comeback was probably the last thing that many people had on their bingo cards.

That’s right – the big pink monster that terrorised our television screens and radio airwaves in the 1990s is back on our screens and somehow wound up being interviewed on BBC News.

Blobby, who is currently appearing in the Peter Pan pantomime at the Chrysalis Theatre in Milton Keynes, stopped by the BBC studios on Tuesday evening to talk to Christian Fraser about being back in the spotlight.

“We’ve been trying, for some time, on this programme to go a bit more high brow, a bit more intellectual, so I’m not really sure how our next guest fits into that”, said Fraser, clearly not relishing the opportunity to speak to Blobby.

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He added: “He’s not normally known as a big thinker - more crinkly bottom.”

The segment then cut to a pre-recorded interview between Fraser and Blobby and, all being said, it was rather amusing, mostly thanks to Fraser’s deadpan comedy.

“I said to the producers ‘get me someone big’ and it’s fair to say I didn’t entirely have you in mind,” Fraser said to Blobby before showing footage of the pink creature rampaging past BBC security.

Fraser did his best to hit Blobby with some tough questions about his time as a chart-topping musical sensation, his acting skills and the last 20 years, during which he has become something of a recluse. While we’re sure Blobby had some interesting answers, we’re afraid transcribing them would be a fruitless endeavour as Mr Blobby can only say the word ‘blobby.’

But the whole thing really descended into anarchy when Fraser attempted to give Blobby, who had already run around the studio, some mince pies – only for one to be shoved back in the presenter’s face while the rest ended up on the floor. Blobby did sign off with an elbow tap rather than a handshake though. Good to see even a star like him is adhering to Covid restrictions.

“That was the end of a fine journalistic career,” quips Fraser at the end of the segment, which you can watch in full below.

Sadly, Mr Blobby’s Peter Pan pantomime has been forced to temporarily shut down due to the resurgence in Covid cases in the UK but is likely to be back on stage within a few weeks.

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