Benedict Cumberbatch was one of ten famous actors to feature on W Magazine’s Best Performances issue.

Each given their own front cover, the magazine honoured an array of A-listers including: Kristen Stewart, Adam Driver, Gemma Chan, Lady Gaga, Denzel Washington, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Hudson, and Tilda and Honor Swinton.

Cumberbatch has had a remarkable year which saw him play a leading role in Netflix’s new flick Power of the Dog, which swept up numerous Golden Globe awards.

But it wasn’t Cumberbatch’s on-screen prowess that had chins wagging after the W Magazine cover was unveiled.

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Clad in a floral Hermès shirt, a yellow bucket hat, and tinted Ray-Ban sunglasses - some likened the actor to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G.

He was also compared to Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas thanks to the hat and glasses combination.

Some compared his get-up to festival attire:

Others said the picture showed the “Wes Anderfication” of Cumberbatch, or that he was “manic-pixie-dream-girlified”.

Either way, people enjoyed sharing their thoughts on the outfit:

In the W Magazine interview, Cumberbatch spoke about his latest film, and revealed that his parents - who are both actors - discouraged his “ridiculous choice of occupation”.

But after playing Antonio Salieri in Amadeus when he was in his early twenties and at university, his father told him he’s better than he ever was or ever would be, and he’s now delighted to share the profession with his parents.

Alongside his acting career, it looks like Cumberbatch will now be also be hailed as a fashion icon…

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