No one can get over Nigella Lawson’s bizarre pronunciation of ‘microwave’

British chef and national treasure Nigella Lawson has the internet talking (a lot) after her bizarre pronunciation of the word ‘microwave’.

The incident occurred during an episode of the chef’s new BBC cooking programme Eat, Cook, Repeat and people were stunned.

While preparing to make some mashed potatoes, Lawson informed viewers that she had pre-warmed the milk in the microwave.

But her very unique pronunciation (‘mee-kro-wah-vay’) was all people could talk about. It’s now been shared across social media, gone viral and turned into a meme.

One Twitter user wrote: “Microwaves shall henceforth be pronounced as meekro-wahvay. So says your Queen @Nigella_Lawson.”

Reactions online ranged from bemusement and anger to gratitude, with some vowing to ditch the regular pronunciation altogether.

Others simply couldn’t get it out of their heads:

The beloved chef confirmed on Twitter that it’s the way she always pronounces it, after one tickled user asked for confirmation.

We’re sorry we all got it so wrong, Nigella.

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