‘Seinfeld’ writer says Kramer would be in both QAnon and Antifa in 2021

Sandra Salathe
Thursday 20 May 2021 19:15
The cast of the Emmy-winning "Seinfeld" show pose with the Emmys they won for Outstanding Comedy Series on September 19, 1993(AFP via Getty Images)

Do you ever wonder where the characters of your favorite show would’ve ended up if the series hadn’t ended? Larry Charles, writer and director of the hit comedy series “Seinfeld,” has an interesting theory on what the series main characters would be doing today.

On a recent episode of the Daily Beast’s “Fever Dreams” podcast, Charles opened up about where he believes Cosmo Kramer would’ve ended up - believing him to be a QAnon conspiracist.

‘Seinfeld’ Writer Says These Days Kramer Would Be In Both QAnon And Antifa(Getty Images)

“When I thought about how ′Seinfeld’ would survive in this kind of environment and this television environment, and I look around, I think about bringing those characters to the 21st century, and … wouldn’t Kramer be … a believer in QAnon? But he might also be in Antifa at the same time to cover his bets,” Charles said.

The future doesn’t look so promising for Elaine Benes and George Costanza either.

‘Seinfeld’ Writer Says These Days Kramer Would Be In Both QAnon And Antifa(Getty Images)

“Elaine might’ve been married a couple of times, she’s probably developed a pill habit of some sort, she’s been in and out of rehab,” Charles said. “And George might have committed suicide by now, quite frankly.”

What about the show’s patriarch, Jerry Seinfeld? Unfortunately Charles didn’t speculate on Jerry’s whereabouts, so we’ll just have to paint a vivid picture in our minds. Seinfeld originally debuted on NBC in July 1989 and lasted for nine seasons. The series went on to win 10 Emmy Awards before ending in 1997.

You can listen to the entire podcast below.