Stevie Nicks posted her own version of the 'Dreams' video and it's incredible

Stevie Nicks posted her own version of the 'Dreams' video and it's incredible

One of the few pleasant surprises of 2020 has been the revival of Fleetwood Mac (did they ever go away?) through a viral video challenge.

A few weeks ago, Nathan Apodaca became a mega-hit on social media thanks to a video of him cruising along an American highway on a skateboard, drinking cranberry juice all while listening to the Mac classic 'Dreams'.

The video proved so popular that the song re-entered the music charts and the groups' drummer and de facto leader Mick Fleetwood made his own version of the video.

Surely, things couldn't get much better than this, right? Wrong because Stevie Nicks the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac has now done her own version.

It's not exactly the same as the other videos as Nicks is at home on rollerskates while listening to the song and although she doesn't take a sip of cranberry juice, the bottle is there, you've just gotta look for it. Plus, she's the person who actually sang the song and she doesn't need to mime along.

Nicks' video has been viewed more than 10 million times on TikTok so it's safe to say that people are vibing her alternative take on the challenge.

Elsewhere, Apodaca and Mick Fleetwood have managed to virtually meet each other thanks to an interview on BBC News.

The 'Dreams Challange' has also become a big hit on Instagram with many people attempting their own versions.

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