The star of Ted Cruz’s favourite film really, really doesn’t like him

The star of Ted Cruz’s favourite film really, really doesn’t like him

The 1987 fantasy comedy The Princess Bride is possibly one of the most beloved films in cinema history and amongst its biggest and most notable fans in Ted Cruz. Yes, that Ted Cruz.

The outspoken Republican Senator from Texas has publically acknowledged that the film is his favourite ever but hasn't always shared a friendly relationship with the film's lead actor, Cary Elwes.

This started in September 2020, when Cruz kicked off on Twitter after he learned that the Wisconsin Democrats had organised a virtual script read of the film for their election campaign. An irate Cruz berated this move and said that the 'perfect movie' should be kept out of 'Hollywood politics.'

At the time, Cruz's grievance was slapped back by Elwes and the two are at it again.

This comes after a clip of Cruz from his podcast went viral. In the clip, the 50-year-old attempted to show off his knowledge of pop culture by comparing 'rabid environmentalists' and 'the Left' to the genocidal supervillain Thanos from The Avengers.

His bizarre analogy was roasted on social media as it didn't really make much sense at all. Those adding to the mockery included Elwes who asked Cruz "how does it feel to know that not only the entire cast and crew of your favourite movie The Princess Bride but almost the whole entire industry, have nothing but rabid contempt for you?" He also added in some choice references to the film to add further insult to injury.

Cruz responded by sharing a picture of Elwes in his outfit from the film, which appears to be signed by the actor.

Elwes continued his clap backs at Cruz by suggesting that the signature might be a forgery.

That appears to have put an end to this chapter of the dispute between the pair but we wouldn't be shocked to see it flare up again in the future.

This is hardly the first time that Cruz has gotten into a public spat with a celebrity. He's currently engaged with a neverending argument with Seth Rogen, who has called the Senator a 'fascist.'

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