There is a huge plot hole in The Holiday and it has only just been noticed


What's your favourite Christmas movie?It's a Wonderful Life? Home Alone? Die Hard?

A more recent favourite, which is probably a bit of a guilty pleasure for many people, is 2006's The Holiday.

Starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, The Holiday is about two women who swap homes for Christmas after running into problems with their men only to meet different men on their trip.

As far as romantic comedies go it is super cheesy, but people enjoy it so who are we to judge? In case you've never heard of this movie here is the trailer.

Despite this movie being out for 11 years now it has only just emerged that it contains a couple of huge plot holes which basically render it nonsensical.

On a recent rewatchCosmopolitanwriter Claire Hodgson noticed the glaring errors which are associated with a few specific dates and lines of dialogue.

This gets a little complicated so pay attention.

Warning: spoilers lie ahead.

  • Friday, 22 December

The first date is 22 December. As the movie was released in 2006 we have to assume that the movie also takes place in the same year.

22 December that specific year was a Friday and the best indicator of this is that Iris' (Winslet) office Christmas party takes place on this date (why would you have a party on any other day of the week?)

At the same time, we jump across to Los Angeles where we meet Amanda (Diaz) who cuts movie trailers for a living.

She is putting the final edits to a trailer for a movie called Deception starring Lindsay Lohan and James Franco which is due for release on Christmas Day.

This is where alarm bells start to ring. Why would they be releasing a trailer so close to the actual release date of the movie? Surely that should have happened months ago?

We have to presume that these two scenes take place on the same day as shortly afterwards both Amanda and Iris Google "vacation spots," talk to each other and agree to switch homes for the holidays.

  • Saturday, 23 December

As the film progresses and both women arrive at their specific locations, everything seems to be going according to plan, so the next day should be Christmas Eve, right?

Apparently not.

This is where the film manages to shoehorn in a couple of random, completely fictional days that couldn't have possibly ever happened.

Two days take place in the film where Amanda and Graham (Law) get to know each other and go on a few dates.

Then there is a line which would suggest that somehow Amanda has travelled back in time.

She says:

Graham, l'm leaving in nine days.

And that makes this complicated.

And l'm not sure I can handle complicated right now.

It is made clear that Amanda wasn't going to stay beyond New Year's Eve so if she was leaving on the 30 at the latest this would make the date December 21!

What on Earth is going on?

  • Thursday, 21 December

So now we are assuming this is now 21 December, which would make sense in accordance with what Iris is doing.

She is hosting a Hanukkah party which in 2006 took place between December 15 and December 23, this works given the date we currently have.

  • Sunday, 24 December

The film then fast forwards a few days where we see Iris and Miles (Jack Black) begin to make plans for Christmas Eve.

However, it doesn't appear to be Christmas Eve where Amanda is.

After ending up in bed with Graham she regretfully informs him that she has to leave in just eight hours.

So, is it New Year's Eve now?

  • New Years Eve

Its never actually clear when it is Christmas Day in this film but it is definitely New Year's Eve by the time the film ends.

The dramatic conclusion of the film sees Amanda have second thoughts and cancels going to the airport to return to the cottage and stay with Graham.

Iris and Miles then arrive and the quartet all see in the New Year together.


This movie has a more confusing timeline than The Terminator and Inception put together.

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