The incredible easter egg hidden in How I Met Your Mother all these years

As fans of How I Met Your Mother will know, the show likes to keep viewers on their toes.

There are already a number of running jokes, like the one where no one knows what Barney actually does at work, and the ‘eating a sandwich’ euphemism for smoking weed.

The show ended its nine season streak in 2014, but fans are still finding ways to keep it alive.

Robin Scherbatsky's Canadian heritage made her a prime target for jokes, and in season 9 episode 12, we see just how far they can be taken.

This is what Eclipezz posted on imgur:

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The gang spend the episode making fun of Canada, while a couple live out their entire lives in the background.

The couple get together, the man proposes, they have a baby, celebrate their child's graduation and the husband dies, and still the group haven't run out of Canada jokes.

The latest discovery was posted on Imgur and has amassed over a million views in just a few days.

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