Cardi B retweets viral TikTok video naming classic Thanksgiving dishes after WAP lyrics

Cardi B retweets viral TikTok video naming classic Thanksgiving dishes after WAP lyrics

If you thought TikTok had got all the mileage humanly possible out of ‘WAP’, think again.

The infamous Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song has been firmly cemented into pop culture since it was released in the summer, with its explicit lyrics causing quite a stir among conservatives.

But over on social media it became instantly iconic, with viral dances and endless mashups becoming ubiquitous across Twitter and TikTok in particular.

Still, times move on and newer shinier memes will always take over, such is the fickle nature of social media.

But it seems one TikTok user is determined not to let 2020 end without one more viral moment for ‘WAP’, and even Cardi B herself is into it.

An account by the name of “bkrone” posted the latest addition to TikTok on Thursday as a little Thanksgiving treat.

The 15-second video pans across a table covered in the classic holiday dishes: turkey, mashed potato, pumpkin pie…

Each platter had a sign attached to it, but instead of spelling out what the dishes were, it used the perfectly fitting lyrics of ‘WAP’. Overlaid was the intro to the song.

The mac and cheese is, of course, ‘macaroni in a pot’, the turkey is ‘gobble me, swallow me’, the gravy is ‘drip down the side of me’, the mashed potatoes are ‘make it cream, make me scream’, the corn on the cobs are ‘extra large and extra hard’, and for dessert we have ‘I let him taste it now he’s diabetic’ pumpkin pie.

Who knew there were so many different uses to the song?

And it seems to have delighted the internet too. The video has over a million likes and almost 20,000 comments, with people calling it “genius” and pronouncing ‘WAP’ “the official Thanksgiving song”. There’s a plot twist surely no one was expecting… not even the author of the song herself.

Cardi B must have got wind of the viral sensation because she retweeted the video with a lot of cry-laughing emojis.

Never underestimate the staying power of a song made by two women who really really seem to understand the internet.

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