The 8 best Arsene Wenger memes

Few managers in the history of football inspire the kind of emotion and reactions like ArsèneWenger does.

Now that the Gunners boss has decided to leave his post at the North London side, it feels like a good a time as any to look back at his life in the Arsenal dugout through the vehicle of memes.

One of the longest running jokes surrounding the French manager's tenure in England revolves around a never-ending war with his coat.

See the following gifs for example.

It often looked like he was playing the guitar. Cue the internet...

Bottles weren't his best of friends either.

The strange shape of his elongated puffer coat also became a meme in itself, which people are probably going to miss dearly.

Maybe one of the most international memes that Wenger inspired was the notorious 'Wenger Out' signs, which would routinely pop up at a variety of events and protests.

Let's not forget about his awkward touchline scuffle with Jose Mourinho, when he was the manager of Chelsea.

Oh... and when he went to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and just hung out on the beach.

Thanks for all the memes Arsene.

Enjoy whatever venture you apply your skills to next (please be water slides, please be water slides).

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