Man filmed doing body flip and clattering to the ground after trying to catch baseball

Both balls and humans were sent flying through the air at Monday’s MLB Home Run Derby.

When Oakland A’s Matt Olson threw a deep fly ball into the right-field second deck of Coors Field, avid baseball enthusiast Bennett Lloyd dove to catch the souvenir soaring towards the audience. But the rising sophomore at Hampden-Sydney College misjudged the ball’s direction, resulting in his tumbling over a railing and full-body flipping to the ground in an attempt to score the keepsake.

“I just dove,” Lloyd said.Photo Credit:

“Olson hit a home run, and obviously, I want a ball,” Lloyd told “Once I saw that it was coming in right over here, I started trying to get close. Once I got a little closer, I realized, ‘Oh, I’m going to go over.’ I just dove and tried to get the ball.”

While the video looks painful, Lloyd insists, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be…I just landed on my shoulder. Cut up my elbow a little bit,” he said. “But that’s all.”

Unfortunately, even after all of that, Lloyd didn’t end up obtaining the ball. In fact, he doesn’t even know where it went. But that didn’t stop Lloyd from laughing at himself and enjoying the fact that his mishap has gone viral.

“It’s really weird and kind of funny.”Photo Credit:

“It’s really weird and kind of funny,” he said. “I like to see myself get made fun of, so it’s kind of funny.”

That’s the spirit!

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