Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp says Brexit will leave UK 'weaker' and calls for 'common sense'

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp says Brexit will leave UK 'weaker' and calls for 'common sense'

Some may say that sport and politics don't mix but, when it comes to something as serious as Brexit, it really isn't an understatement to say that it literally affects everyone and everything.

The Premier League is one of Britain's most successful products and arguably the most-watched football league in the entire world, bringing in an audience of millions on a weekly basis from all parts of the globe.

The league has already rejected plans by the Football Association to limit the number of foreign players in the division under the false hope that it would strengthen the England national team.

Jürgen Klopp, whose Liverpool team currently sit on top of the Premier League table, has not shied away from discussing the topic of Brexit, which it's safe to say he isn't a fan of.

In April 2018, he told Channel 4 Newsthat Brexit was "not the solution" and he has reiterated these lines in an interview with BBC Sport.

Speaking the BBC's sports editor, the German coach said:

What do you want? A not perfect situation alone or a not perfect situation as a strong partner in a very strong unit.

That's only common sense. That's only common sense because history taught us that if you are alone you are weaker than the unit.

I'm 51 years old so I have never experienced a war. We are really blessed in our generation, but the past showed us that as long as strong partners are together, Europe is a much safer place.

The past showed us that as long as all the strong parts are together Europe is a much safer place and that's what we all have. Yes, we have problems but let's solve them.

We live in wonderful circumstances; yes, we have problems, but we sort them. I don't like that it is starting to split again.

If France and Italy start as well, there it's always the right wing that wants to go out and they will benefit from it. Who wants that?

Just calm down and stick together and stop listening to people with no knowledge, from the right side because that's never the solution.

I still hope that somebody will use common sense at the end and doesn't use the situation to try and improve only their own position. 

Roan has since shared an extract from his interview with Klopp and he is winning praise for his sensible and reasonable words, something which has been seldom seen in Westminster, as of late.

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