Wrestling show segment brilliantly sums up both sides of the climate debate in just 60 seconds

AEW Dynamite/TNT

Over the past few years, we've seen all sorts of takes on the climate crisis from all sorts of people, ranging from Donald Trump to Greta Thunberg, who couldn't be at further ends of the spectrum on the issue.

Yet, despite protests, school strikes, evidence from scientists, polar ice caps melting and parts of Siberia experiencing a heatwave, some people are still debating whether climate change is real or are just unwilling to acknowledge it in the slightest.

We never thought that we would say this but this whole debate, and just how ridiculous it is, was basically summed up in sixty seconds on a professional wrestling show.

Last Wednesday's edition of All Elite WrestlingDynamite sawa segment that took place between wrestling legend Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy, who are both at each other's throats, mostly because the latter managed to ruin the others expensive suit jacket by covering it in orange juice. The two are due to have a match on this week's edition of the show but to hype it, AEW held a mock election debate between the pair where they basically said how much they disliked each other and why they were the best.

For context; Jericho is the bad guy in this situation and Cassidy, whose gimmick is that he is lazy and just likes to take life easy, is the good guy. As part of the debate, the moderator, Eric Bischoff, threw the pair a curveball by asking them their thoughts on sea levels rising around the world. Jericho, being the villain of the situation, wanted nothing to do with this and refused to answer, whereas Cassidy, who doesn't really talk that much at all gave a perfect answer and simply explained why rising sea levels should be a concern to everyone, leaving Jericho gobsmacked.

If you think of Jericho as the ignorant naysayer who refuses to believe the facts and Cassidy as the well-informed activist then it works perfectly.

This short clip has already been viewed more than 400,000 times on Twitter and people believe that Cassidy answers is better than most politicians and news reports.

It is also not dissimilar from this scene in the 2003 Will Ferrell movie Old School.

The climate crisis is likely to be a big talking point in the upcoming presidential election, a topic that Donald Trump isn't too fond of, having attacked the Democrat's Green New Deal which has been spearheaded by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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